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*Nabia (Sansk) – Insight.



The Uttered Thought and Universe

A double meaning, physical and esoteric, rather, spiritual was laid in the Uttered Thought of the Creator. Read the text, dividing it into two flows, and connect in your consciousness again, then you will hear Two Voices from two Worlds. In the silence of centuries the Universe will open for you the cover of imperfections of the world, hidden behind the Uttered Thought from a man whose ignorance is runs the show today.



A man craves for a Path but continues to be selective.

He splinters the foundation of the world and raises Temples on its odd parts.

They are like lonesome ice-floes in an ocean,

Their path is not long-lived, and all of them are doomed to ruin and oblivion.

Once having lost the Unity, the World lost the right to Eternity.

A Path can be taken to yourself only wholly – without a residue,

Otherwise one day It will tear away you,

 Like an unborn Baby tears away imperfection of the world

he prepares to throw his Path with.


Spirit is not selective:

It either accepts everything wholly or rejects.

It does not wish to sprout the Core of a new Life

In this futile ground and seizes It.

A man does not wish to understand true causes of such decision,

for prefers one more invalid Soul to its loss.

A Herder does not think about what the Owner rears thousandth of herds for,

He cares only their integrity and well-being.


The Herder looks for succulent pastures, defends herds from wild beasts and bestows them his selfless love which penetrates right into heart of an animal through magic sounds of his tune.

An Owner does not think about anxieties of a Herder,

He demands a result because he cares about his future which he forges out of fates of thousands of alive heads.


A herd does not think at all and does not care about anything,

It is attached to the Herder whole-heartedly,

but it is undividedly of his Owner’s will.

This is an ordinary picture of the world the eye of a man during thousands of years got accustomed to,

But who will consider in it the movement of the very Universe?

Who will see the absoluteness of Eternity behind an ordinary-looking cloak of a Herder?

Who will find power and courage of himself to acknowledge

 that he was lost among herds dispersed throughout the Earth?


Only that one will open this unknown world

Who has cognized a nature of what is hidden behind a stern and omnipotent appearance of Owner.

Time is the Manager of all fates of the World.  

It is impossible to fragment Eternity with the Hammer of Time,

as it is impossible to cut the stream of water with a sword.

The sword will only sink in it and, not to be carried away, will have to withstand its power.


In such a way a man withstands Eternity

in his uninterrupted rotation in the cycle of time.

But a sword will not be able to merge with the stream of water,

Since for that it needs to become water.

Water will assume a sword in itself, for metal keeps

one in multitudes of mysteries of its Path.

But Water and the Sword will never become the single Whole,

till one of them gains the state and the quality of another one.




2019-2021 years – are a fateful moment in the evolution of the fifth life of humanity - a MILESTONE. In the contradictions of the Lower world the economic and coercive conflicts, local wars will take a deserving place in the collapse of humanity into the abyss of non-existence.

The raising of aggression in the consciousness of a man face to face will touch off a chain reaction, as we speak, of being aware and being not aware forms of the Planet. The animal and vegetable worlds, the kingdom of minerals will enter into the conflict with the civilization, rather, the whole race. The eighth sphere will opens wide embraces climbing to widen its possessions. Do you want better to say? Let’s clear away the intricacy… and…

The nature of the Earth’s Aura and the firmament of Earth possess countless quantities of opportunities to force the humanity to its knees. A critical mass of negative of human consciousness overflew the banks of collective reason of tellurians trying to encroach on the sacral Creation of Universe – the Planet itself.

Evidentially the answer will follow. In the chaos of human troubles being physically warranted with unfoundedness of human consciousness a new state of Aryan race will be born. It may not be called the second wave of tolerance of human being, it may not be called strengthening impotence of human consciousness, it may not be called evolutional degradation of civilization striving again to set a man on four bones, it is rather worse. Omnibus horror and fear binding bestial organism of humanity to numbness will open weirs of natural phenomena. It is not worthy of marking them, for they have been here, above our heads and underfoot not to arouse once more weak equilibrium of the universe’s nature. Fear and horror, horror and fear will hurl the humanity into chaos of throwing. Displacements of nations from a continent to a continent, a disappearance of some physical forms in the deeps of waters will give the impulse to new positive manifestations of human consciousness. The greed hastening the process of decomposition of current civilization will deviate the second plan, money, as such, will lose their value.   In the tragedy of their state and the failure of governments and rulers of many countries people will recall, who they are and why they were allowed to populate the planet Earth. You, reading and not-reading us, homo erectus, relying on centres and firesides of preserved cultures, will wake after century-old lechery, having recovered from fear (unfortunately, while it is so seen only), will come to the creation of a new structure of world course. However you will noticeably have been less!..

Fear will give way to creative impulse ennobling not only a face of a man, but the Planet’s image. This script might be written for century ahead, that is the way of a man to toss in the uncertainty of what he is expected, what he does not know and does not see. He will create horror again and again in the blindness of his fright about doomsdays, armageddon or “these terrible strange Russians”. Only in the current period, till the end of the century, some prophecies confirmed by great soothsayers, clairvoyants, prophets about the doomsday have been already laid in space.

Meagre tellurians! Do not wait for the doomsday, as such, as you imagine it, it will not be!!!

And further, if you want, the joke, sounded from Rikl’s lips on the 11th of August in 1999 year, on Altai on the foot of Belukha, “I abolished it! ”.

Yes, we are expected upheavals to the very bowels of the Earth and depths of the unlimited Universe. However, the leaving of the planet Earth from Cosmos is not foreseen by the evolutional plan of the Cosmic Reason, rather, on the contrary. As to you, crooked and no-crooked calling yourselves homo sapiens, you decide yourselves, why are you crying and are fasting your eyes on the Heaven now? You who are suffering with “sofa-illness”, the impotence of consciousness, dreaming to become rich on the grief and anguishes of the most part of humanity, do not bang   foreheads on parvis of the cathedrals, do not make bows to saints – this action will not have the reverse reaction. Insight, Insight and only Insight, and nothing, that is Insight!

One false word, the outspoken or not – outspoken “bad” thought, one false action will have irreversible effects for the man taking similar “liberties”. There came a time when you, practically with blinkered eyes, must pass the following part of Path along the blade of razor. Be so kind as, at least, for the sake of your own lives. We do not cherish illusions and hopes, but the chance was always given to mankind, and the current moment is no exception. Time allows to enlighten… even on a deathbed. The question primeval: To be or not to be? However, you will make your own mind.

We do not frighten you, but advance. You – can!




Men, my warning did not frighten you, now you are frightened yourselves, with events which happen before the fallen world community‘s very eyes.

The Vodhar warned – you ironically smiled. But what is going on? You irony as fear crawl away the Earth. To be warned and not to make use of the Knowledge – is the highest degree of manifested ignorance of the civilization. The president of the United States Trump and similar to him closing boundaries of their states, wait for the penetration… outside. Rulers are wrong! IT, SHE, THEY… inside you, your nations whose backward consciousness does not have boundaries, they can’t be closed or opened.

I, Adja Vodhar-Tobo, echoing Ancients, remind - do not seek outside, seek in youself.

The collective aura of joint efforts of civilizations can settle any afflictions attracted from the outside and born inside. It is worth considering, the situation, happened on the Earth is not the first swallow. The flock is flying.

                                                                             The Guide