Katun hydroelectric power station

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Hello, Father! Hello, Rikla!

I cant but write to You. Im very much concerned about the situation taking shape in Altai nowadays. I mean the project of the construction of Katun hydroelectric power station in Chemal region in Altai Republic.

In 1986-87 the public of southern regions of Western Siberia in uneven struggle succeeded in defending the cleanness and inviolability of the Katun, having not allowed to break the integrity of the river. Today, nearly twenty years later, the second part of the invasion of darkness and destruction of one the main power supply arteries of Altai have begun. The aim of the destroyer is clear to create its own terafim for interception of the clean energy of Cosmos depriving the Ob river, feeding half of Siberia, of the inflow of vitality. The plans of the Black Brotherhood failed in the YARLU, but the servants of darkness continue making their efforts more active, by all means putting obstacles on the way of revival of Russia. But people living in Altai and neighboring regions saw the danger and stood up staunchly for deferdance of their native land. Im bowing low to them for it and with all my heart Im with them in this struggle. Public and nature preserving organizations are protecting the life of the Catun today: the Fund Altai XXI from Barnaul, Siberian Ecological Center from Novosibirsk, Defence of Tengri, a public organization, and a school of spiritual ecologies Tengri from Ongudai region of Altai Republic. These true patriots of their native land take all possible measures to stop the destroyer. They have won the case in Chemal region against the Ministry of Natural Resources, the ecological expertise on the construction of hydroelectric power station has been acknowledged as invalid, but the construction is ceased only for the time being. The local population of Chemal realizing all the tragedy of the situation is in despair, yet continuing the struggle.

The founders of the project of construction of Katun hydroelectric power station are the Moscow firm Elittechnostroy and the government of Altai republic. The project costs more than four billion rubles. The investor of the project is one Moscow firm. The representatives of the public, or as they are called otherwise the greens, at the request of the local population studied thoroughly all the reasons for continuation of the construction of the HPS and sounded the alarm. None of the items of the grounds for the construction were irreproachable, on the contrary, there arised quite reasonable fears and doubts in the necessity of the construction of the HPS in Chemal region. I cant list all the revealed discrepancies of the project, there are too many of them, but Ill describe the main ones.

The greens didnt manage to find the investor according to the address given in the project. It doesnt merely exist. Then they turned to the Ministry of Natural Resources and in lobby interviews found out that actually there was no expertise on the grounds of the construction of Katun HPS. The functionaries were just gathered together and asked to sign the documents. To find out the true customer turned out to be impossible.

The ecological basing goes to pieces. In Chemal region where the construction of HPS is planned the outcome of mercury to the surface is constantly taking place. This causes fears of its getting into the Katun river and further along the whole Ob river basin. The state of flora and fauna is going to change catastrophically. One shouldnt forget that Chemal region is in the seismically dangerous area. As a result of possible earthquake shocks the dam can be destroyed, thats why there is a probability of flooding some of the settlements. According to forecasts of seismologists in the nearest fifteen twenty years more powerful earthquakes are expected in Altai as compared to the 27 th of September 2003, supposingly till eleven points according to Richters scale. We should take into consideration general increase of seismoactivity on the Planet.

The main plans of the destroyer have been read, though they are written in small print in papers of the basing of the investment.

The first ground is, that it is a profitable construction, to be more precise, a profitable investment into the construction of Malaya Katun HPS. According to all estimations the HPS will be repaid in the nearest seven eight years. Only money stands behind everything. A man isnt cared of, as usual.

The second ground is a possibility of additional building up of a 50 metres high weir up to one hundred and eighty metres high. This undoubtedly will create a more serious threat for populated settlements in the region.

A return to a dreadful project of 1980s has taken place. But the main thing is written further: a possibility of a future construction of Argut HPS, working out of the projects of the construction of the stations on highly speed mountain rivers of Gorny Altai and creation of a single Kascade of hydroelectric power stations on the Katun. In other words creation of a single destructive system!!!

Father! Im pleading with you, stop them! Stop the destroyer!

People are standing firm. They give the Light of their hearts the River to be able to live, Siberia to be able to live, Russia to be able to live.

Father, help! Protect people, help to keep the Katun safe. Hear me, the Unified Cosmos!

Grateful Lubov Sergeeva

Riklas Appeal.

To all people of good will, light thought and clean heart I am making the greatest request. Every person who values the sources of Cleanness of Rissia, Its Places of Power, located geographically in different regions of our Motherland must raise the Sword of Defence of energy and ecology of Gorny Altai against the barbarian, having sold himself to the golden calf. In every concrete point of your living, be it Moscow or Barnaul, Tjumen or Novosibirsk, Omsk or Donezk, Kazakhstan, China or Mongolia let Your Hearts be inflamed with the Fire of Spirit and sober a thief and a swindler, a businessman and a governor, a president and a ruler of the perspectives, intoxicating their imagination being pernicious both for Altai and the whole Planet.

NO to the construction of HPS on the Katun river in Chemal. NO to the construction of HPS on the Argut river. Let Russia hear Your Voice in the name of the triumph of the Justice and Harmony of physical space in Gorny Altai, keeping an unsteady equilibrium of energies of not only Russia, but of all neighboring countries of Central and South Eastern Asia. So great is the role of the energy of Gorny Altai. So great is the perspective of Russia to become the Centre of the Pivot of the Spirit of the world civilization, the roots of which are germinating today deep into the land of Altai and are directed upwards into the depths of Bottomless Cosmos.

Dont let the Ministry of Naturepreserving Resources live in peace. Dont let live in peace a businessman, investing incognito his money into this dreadful project. Dont let the government of Gorny Altai live in peace. Dont search for the supporters there. Look for them in mass media, television, in the machinery of State of President of Russia, in the governmental bodies on the highest level, in state Duma. The demon of destruction as a dark shade is hanging over one of the last strongholds of cleanness in Russia, Altai. Dont allow him to spread his wings and throw himself like a carrion crow throws himself upon a desired prey having shown its claws and predatorily having stretched out its beak.

The construction of the Katun HPS will entail ecological changes not only in this region, but on the territories of many countries and continents. Especially dangerous is the destruction of physical constituents of one of the most tangible sources of energy on the Planet today the Ukok Plato. The rivers taking their beginning from the glaciers of Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola, supplying the Katun with a powerful pressure of water through the Argut, are flowing across the Plato. The weir will raise the level of the rivers, which is sure to have a negative effect on fauna and flora, as well as on the physical forms of the Plato, being protected as the world property of UNESCO. The placards and announcements testify to this on the territory of all the roads and frontier outposts carring out the admission of the population and tourists into the semiclosed boundary zone of the Plato. Naturalists must bear in mind one very important circumstance. The Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola glacier descreases its area annually, receding higher and higher into the mountains. This means that probably in the nearest quarter of a century the inflow of the water supplying the whole watershed of the Argut is going to grow shorter significantly. What then? Shall we return again to the project of reconstruction of all the Siberian rivers? Mercury coming out of the soil on to the land surface in many places, being deposited in upper fertile layers of the soil is going to spread inevitably directly in the Zone of peoples life. What is going to happen to them is known beforehand. Settling out. Speaking generally, is there any limit to the activity of a marasmatical state official, whose hands and thoughts havent met any obstacles yet? Of course, natural geographical slope of the area, where watershed of the Argut and arms of drains supplying it are situated, is very tempting. The rivers taking their beginning at the height of two and a half and three thousand metres are cutting Plato Ukok through from the south to the north, losing their height in the point of confluence of the Argut and the Katun rivers up to nine hundred metres. What head of water, what a splendid opportunity to use hydroresources for the enrichment of money bags and officials, having signed the barbarian project, aimed against a human being.

In many of his talks Rikla stresses the energy significance of Gorny Altai, especially of Plato Ukok with Its Five headed Sacred Object for the future generations of people. There is no such a second place on Earth today ready to accept the relay of an accumulator of energy resources on the Planet. India, Tibet, having fulfilled their Mission, lost the possibility of feeding with energy the Planetary Logos. The word is left after Russia. And as it usually happens in the Path of the Ray of Creative Work the whole arsenal of negativity, having been accumulated by humankind through millenniums stands as an insurmountable barrier.

Dont let Evil take place! Dont let Planetary Destruction happen! Leave no room for the triumph of callousiness over Spirit!

To Everybody Who Knows me, sees and hears me Im appealing!

Master Rikla